Outreach Win: Teaming up with Craft Beer

Here is a fabulous outreach strategy: teaming up with the craft beer industry. The Bostonian Society, which, among other things, preserves Boston's Old State House, invited the Blue Hills Brewery to conduct a beer tasting in that historic building. Via bostonhistory.org: Come to the Old State House to taste beer, hear talks about pubs and…


Archives in Pop Culture: Adventure Time

Season 2 Episode 14 "The Silent King" Finn, the new king of a goblin kingdom, is given a tour of the royal facilities, which includes a Royal Game Archive, complete with controller hats! +1,000,000 points for accuracy, as a true game archives would enable users to play the games in the collection.

Archives in Pop Culture: H.P. Lovecraft

From The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft Now and then certain captives were permitted to meet other captive minds seized from the futureā€”to exchange thoughts with consciousnesses living a hundred or a thousand or a million years before or after their own ages. And all were urged to write copiously in their own…

Thanksgiving 2014

Noting major holidays is on social media is a basic outreach strategy. Following is a list of my favorite GLAM Tweets from Thanksgiving 2014: https://twitter.com/SUEtheTrex/status/538003251791405056 https://twitter.com/dancohen/status/537973123598270464 https://twitter.com/Pagankennedy/status/532717237065756672 https://twitter.com/IArtLibraries/status/537310889234681859 https://twitter.com/HarvardArchives/status/537004970277863424 https://twitter.com/NMNH/status/537645377441505280 https://twitter.com/uspto/status/537607410022875136

Outreach Win: Reaching a Target Audience

I recently started listening to Strange Brews, which is a podcast about craft beer. Unexpectedly, it is also evidence of a successful outreach strategy by the Library of Congress: a blog post about beer in colonial America was tweeted to the podcast's hosts, and they were so excited about the topic that they asked the…