The revival of the peppermint pig is another great example of how information from the archives can help a business move forward. In this case, a special order from a local historical society sparked a renewed interest in an almost-forgotten Christmas tradition to the benefit of Saratoga Sweets:

“In 1988, Fitzgerald made a first run of 60 peppermint pigs at the request of the local historical society. He was surprised to see people lining up to buy them, many of them older people who fondly recalled smashing pigs when they were young. He sold out his run and never looked back.”

I particularly like this example because it was a serendipitous win-win. The historical society likely advanced its mission to reach and educate locals about their cultural heritage, and in doing so, accidentally revived a local industry.

Peppermint pigs in the news

Saratoga Sweets 


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