When I made plans to attend DragonCon, my thoughts were on a weekend focused Doctor Who and Star Trek, not on my professional interests. Personal and professional interests tend to blur, however, and so I attended several panels focused on the promotion of critical thinking with my fellow Trekkies and Whovians.

During one of these panels, How You Can Make the Internet More Skeptical with one Mouse Click, I learned about a browser plug-in called Web of Trust (WOT). This plug-in allows one to rate the trustworthiness of a website and view the aggregate ratings of other WOT users. It is a simple, easy way for information professionals to help light the way for others, especially those who have little experience in critically evaluating the information they find on the web. Because of this, WOT seems like an ideal browser plug-in for public-use computers at libraries.


What do you think?

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